WP 5 -Cross-Cutting Trainings

WANETAM- proposes a generic training work package that will be tailored to the needs of partner institutions to increase leadership and competency in clinical research and research support.  These opportunities will be advertised within the network.  Each Training Plan will set minimum requirements via a Training Selection Committee, who will arrange the interviews of applicants and selection of candidates.


  • Building necessary scientific capacity of scientist
  • Provide an opportunity for tailored training to the needs of partners in specific areas.
  • Deliver training and infrastructure support to financial, grants and quality management systems.
  • Provide technical support through master’s degree courses will be issued in areas of need and more so clinical trial monitoring, biostatistics and data management.


  • C-C Training -1: Post-doctoral and Senior Clinical skills training and mentorship
  • Activity 1 – Post Doctoral Mentorship
  • C-C Training-2: MSc Online courses
  • Master’s Degree Training

C-C Training-3: Professional development Courses

Clinical trial quality assurance and clinical trial monitoring;

  • epidemiological evaluation of vaccines;
  • project management and biological safety handling.
  • Project/Program Management courses
  • IATA online run course for biological sample handling and shipment
  • Epidemiological evaluation of vaccines: efficacy, safety and policy
  • Practical field-based experience

C-C Training -4: Professional development internship

  • Financial and Grant Management Internships

C-C Training 5: Laboratory Quality Assurance Training

  • Quality management to SLIMTA/SLIPTA Accreditation


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