Project Management

WANETAM isa network of 16 West African institutions and 4 European partners. It is headquartered at Réseau Africain de Recherche sur le SIDA/Institut de Recherche en Santé, de Surveillance Epidémiologique et de Formation (RARS/IRESSEF) in Dakar, Senegal.

The management group of WANETAM is composed of a Coordinator, a Deputy Coordinator, a Compliance Manager and a  Project Manager. The network is also assisted by a Steering Committee and an Advisory Board which help the Management Group drive activities to completion based on the initial Work plan.

The Consortium networks with other research institutions to improve the visibility and scope of the Network in view to find ways and means to sustain activities.


  • Ensure day-by-day management of the network by making sure all the governing bodies (Management Team and a Steering Committee and Advisory Board) are operating toward the successful development and implementation of all project’s procedures.
  • Ensure that the project’s main goals are achieved within the given constraints and that it follows the client’s exclusive needs and objectives.
  • Develop synergy with other networks, the industry, governmental and sub regional bodies to promote research in West Africa

Activities & Sites

  • Effective management of resources
  • Visibility of the network
  • Consolidated network with motivated partners willing to deliver excellent research services.
  • Translation of research outcomes into tangible benefits for the population


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Arrondissement 4, Rue 2 D1 POLE URBAIN DE DIAMNIADO BP 7325, Dakar



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