For the first time our regional network plans to incorporate capacity building for clinical surveillance, diagnosis and preventive management for specifically soil-transmitted helminths and schistosomiasis, and for emerging Ebola threat.  Many West African countries have recently initiated mass drug anthelmintic treatment (MDA) in school children but have not set up any surveillance system. The experience of the recently emerged Ebola epidemic in the region calls for the strengthening of capacities in clinical response preparedness and laboratory diagnostic systems.  Work packages for NTD will be led by the Department de Biologie et Parasitologie, UCAD, Senegal.


  • To train and roll out molecular diagnostic tools for helminths infection
  • Molecular epidemiological survey of helminths prevalence and anthelmint
  • Capacity for clinical, laboratory and public health rapid response. 



  • NTD-WP4.1-Activity-1 Training workshop on RT-PCR for helminths and MALDI-TOF tool for Schistosomiasis Hybrid detection
  • NTD-WP-4.1 -Activity -2 – Epidemiological surveillance and building database of helminth prevalence tic resistance.
  • NTD-WP4.1 -Activity 3: Monitoring and evaluation of the development of anthelmintic resistance


  • Laboratory diagnostic training
  • Building capacity for Clinical preparedness for Ebola outbreak and control



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