WP 1-Tuberculosis

The Malaria Work Package is made of two sub-work packages, one dealing with the diagnosis and management of childhood TB and the other with TB drug-resistance; these activities will be coordinated by MRCG.


  1. Strengthen diagnostics competency for Adult and childhood TB within clinical setting in the Network
  2. Strengthen laboratory diagnostics of TB using novel diagnostics techniques such as GeneXpert
  3. Strengthen capacity of investigators at sites to write competitive winning grant applications
  4. Set up platform of sites for drug susceptibility testing (DST) to first and second line drugs in west Africa


  • TB   Activity 1: Improve the recognition of childhood TB   within the national health services through a specific integrated training program for appropriate referrals for diagnosis.
  • TB   Activity 2: To facilitate the roll out of novel diagnostics for children and   adults
  • TB–Activity   3: To train participants in the principles of robust study design and   sampling for drug-resistance surveys and clinical trials of new treatments,   diagnostics and prospective markers
  • TB-Activity   4: To build practical skills   for drug-susceptibility testing (DST) to first and second-line drugs


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